Symptoms of a clogged a main sewer line
1. Stool bubbling or making a gurgling sound when washer is spinning water out	
2. Raw sewage in bath tub or coming out of a floor drain	

Garbage disposal
1. Turn water on
2. Turn disposal on
3. Put garbage in slowly
4. Leave water running for 1-2 minutes

1. Flush stool 2-3 times to help remove waste from drain line

Sump Pumps
1. Check to make sure pump will discharge 
2. Keep sump hole clear of debris

Clean out for main sewer
1. Check for clean out riser outside of house
2. Riser should be 3-5 from house ground level

When buying a house
1. Where are clean outs for main sewer in basement of out side
2. When was last cleaning
3. What type of sewer line
4. If no clean outs outside clean outs need to be installed
5. Have all drain lines checked out
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